Roxy learns that her cheque for the wedding flowers has bounced. She and Glenda frantically check Roxy’s bank statements. Roxy has frittered away nearly all of her inheritance. Roxy asks Glenda not to tell Ronnie that she can’t afford to pay for Ronnie’s wedding. Roxy has a bag of cash and asks Glenda to put it on a horse after a hot tip from Alfie. The horse comes in but Glenda hasn’t put the bet on, worried Roxy could lose the lot.

Jodie’s cat Crystal goes missing. Vanessa is suspicious it might be Harry, but keeps her opinions. Vanessa discovers that some of her dresses have been slashed and she later finds Crystal’s body dumped in a bin. Vanessa warns Max that this is just the beginning of what Harry’s capable of. Max and Jack decide to sort Harry once and for all.

Jack tries to slip out unseen by Ronnie to get to Kylie’s sentencing over the shooting with Carol. Ronnie finds out and goes along. At the courthouse Carol sees Connor and avoids him. Connor confronts her and tries to kiss her, but Jack interrupts. Connor and Jack square up to each other. Ronnie intervenes. Ronnie tells Jack that he needs to put the past behind him.

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