All’s fair in love and choirs

Grace and Kyle share a kiss. Afterwards Kyle thinks the next logical step is marriage – unfortunately he neglects to inform Grace! Confused about Kyle’s feelings, Grace returns to her mother’s. Kyle follows her, proposes properly and she accepts!

Esther’s unhappy with Jake for keeping Layla a secret and turning his back on his sister. In response, Jake offers Layla a shoulder to cry on but she repays him by writing a poison pen letter outing his alcoholism. Later, Esther makes it clear she’s moved on but Michael tries to dump Layla regardless. Layla purposely misunderstands his words and hangs onto her man – for now…

The church committee meets to decide Jake’s position as curate. Before they vote, Jake reveals his best friend died in an avalanche when they were snowboarding after a drinking binge. This fatal accident is the reason he gave up booze and joined the church.

Michael and Jake have a fight. Following this, Michael changes the choir’s song for the competition at the last minute to woo Esther. Meanwhile, Layla uses her vote to save Jake’s job. At the competition, Esther is moved by Michael’s song choice and walks out on All The Small Things when their competitiveness gets out of hand.

Esther makes it clear to both Jake and Michael she’s not ready for a new relationship or repairing an old one as she’s enjoying her newfound freedom. The choir turn up and have an impromptu open air singing session.

*Last in the series*