There’s a lynch mob forming in Emmerdale and it’s Cain they want to get their hands on. Leading the angry locals is Adam, who is not happy that Cain has been messing with his mum. Zak, Sam and Rodney hold Adam back, but there’s no holding back Charity. Jai has told her he thinks Cain’s responsible for his father’s car crash. Then there’s the texted photo of Priya and his mum’s stolen necklace. When Georgia and Rishi’s cat is poisoned Charity can’t deny the truth any longer and threatens Cain: he’s been bad but she will do much worse. And if there’s one person who knows how to play Cain at his own game it’s Charity.

Dan’s game plan has failed. He thought if he hung around and made a nuisance of himself then Ali would choose him and bin Ruby. She hasn’t, though and now he has to go back to work. But he’s leaving behind one very unhappy son.

Declan’s a very unhappy father. Since Mia’s death he has been extremely moody and Katie feels like she’s walking on eggshells. She wants to understand, but she doesn’t want to be blamed for all that has gone wrong in his life. Now she just has to tell Declan that…