A new Channel 4 documentary explores what children would get up to if left to their own devices in Alone at Home.

In this new four-part series, one family a week will leave their children home alone for four days.

Aged from eight to 16, the kids can do whatever they want, watched over by remote cameras and a film crew not too far away.

The first kids are 16-year-old Millie, her sister Laurel, 13, and their stepbrother Ethan, 14.

Dan and Natalie leave Laurel, Ethan and Millie home alone for four days…

Mum Natalie usually does everything for them and wants them to understand what it takes to run a home.

At first they live up to the stereotype – they don’t know how the dishwasher works and spend a fortune on taxis and takeaways.

But, ultimately, the teens want to show their parents they can cope, and it’s amazing how their behaviour changes once they’re given the space to be more mature.

TV Times rating: ****