It’s the morning after and Tash arrives home from her wild night out, with Michael thinking she’s been at Chris’s. When she gets a text message from someone called Ivan asking to see her again, she looks pleased with herself. She tries to make amends with Chris, so he won’t mention that she wasn’t at his house last night, but he is still frosty towards her.

When Ivan asks Tash to meet her at the uni bar, she fakes food poisoning so she can leave school. At the uni bar Tash runs into trouble when she uses her fake ID, and Ivan’s friend sees it. She tells Tash she knows Sarah and asks what’s going on? Tash confesses to Ivan and is relieved when he tells her he doesn’t care that she’s only seventeen.

At the Kennedys, Summer overhears Karl stressing about sharing the house, having no hot water, and running out of milk. She leaves for school and Susan berates Karl. Later, when Summer and Susan catch up, Susan assures her it’s OK and she’ll sort it out but Summer’s still worried. Andrew tells her it will be fine and she’s not leaving the street or he won’t see her every day.

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