Alreet, Pollard – our Val’s back! (VIDEO)

Brenda, bless her, has invited Gennie and Nikhil to lunch at Pollard’s place with Pollard, Amy and herself. But there’s an unexpected guest… Val! Pollard’s wandering wife turns up at The Woolpack and says she’s back for good. Nikhil sees her and races to Pollard’s place to warn them that Val is on her way. But he’s not as fit as he makes out and can’t catch his breath in time to say anything before Val waltzes in. It’s a toss up as to who is least happy to see her: Pollard, Brenda or Amy.

Ali’s not a welcome sight at Sean’s school – especially after she takes on Sean’s bully and clips his ear. Ali’s at the school for her reading class, but teaches bully Dylan a lesson when she sees he’s wearing the trainers Sean says he lost. Ali’s the one in trouble, though, when a teacher catches her punishing Dylan and bars her from school premises. That means no more reading classes…

Charity has told Jai there’ll be no more children. But Jai’s dad, Rishi, tells him not to accept ‘no’ and to start persuading Charity by convincing her that him wanting a baby doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Noah.

*Second episode*

Brenda’s lunch party has become a bun fight, with Val and Pollard saying some very unsavoury things to each other. Next day, Val notices women’s clothes in the bedroom and they’re definitely not hers. Pretty sure that Pollard hasn’t become a cross-dresser, Val wants to know who they belong to and Amy tells her they’re Brenda’s – and Brenda is Pollard’s girlfriend. So now Val wants the man she hasn’t wanted for months and marches into The Woolpack to tell Brenda she’s dumped. Then she marches home and tells Pollard that she has binned Brenda for him. And that’s that – or so Val thinks.

Jai thinks the way to Charity’s heart is to tell her he wants to adopt Noah. He really does love the boy and wants to raise him as his own. But Charity’s not convinced that Jai won’t end up resenting Noah because he’s not his flesh and blood. It’s a tricky one, for sure, and a matter that needs to be handled delicately.

Alicia’s son, Jacob, is too young to know when something needs to be handled with care, so he just blurts out that Justin, his dad and Alicia’s ex, is getting married.