Al’s jealous when Franc flirts with Niamh

When Al overhears Franc giving Niamh French lessons, he is left seething with jealousy, until Niamh suggests that she and Al take up French lessons together. But when Al’s French knowledge is left lacking, Franc gives him a smug look.

When Heston is called to certify an elderly gentleman, Lionel’s, death he realises that his much younger wife, Tiffany, is lying about his death to get his insurance money. Suddenly a sports car speeds past with a grinning Lionel in the passenger seat and Heston spies a letter left behind. He reads out Lionel’s confession that his wedding wasn’t valid – he’s old but no fool!

Ayesha wakes with a hangover and decides she and Sienna should both pull a sickie. When Jimmi arrives – she finally admits that she’s hungover. Ayesha asks Jimmi about his parents and is sorry to hear that Jimmi’s mum died when he was eight. She is grateful and agrees she needs to be a positive role model for Sienna.