It’s the day of the Significant Event Review investigating Al’s role in Fliss’s abortion, which Howard says they have a duty to investigate and insists there will be no personal attacks. Howard runs through the nature of her mum Grace Henning’s complaint and Daniel expresses his shock at Al accompanying Fliss on the day of the procedure but Al insists he checked several times if Fliss wanted to go through with it.

Al hasn’t identified any specific issues on his Review form and, as the others chip in with what they think the issues are, Al says he was just doing his job. With tensions rising, Howard suggests they do some role play. Emma plays Fliss but Al says her questions are all wrong. Daniel wonders if Al tried hard enough to get Fliss to talk to her mum, Grace. Al insists he did but is starting to doubt himself.

With Al feeling like everyone’s judging him, Al goes outside for a cigarette. When they resume things go from bad to worse for Al as everyone’s comments become more personal and Al accuses them of conducting a witch hunt. But Howard is unsympathetic – he tells Al he will not allow a loose cannon to jeopardise the practice!

Also, Chris sees a patient whose life is controlled by his violent left hand. Chris digs deeper into this strange medical condition but can he stop ‘Mr Hyde’ from doing more damage?