Alya and Jason struggle with their guilt

When Alya admits to Jason how difficult she’s finding it to live with the guilt, Jason snaps that she might be best to tell Gary the truth. As Chesney, Jason, Gary, Kirk and Tyrone head into town, Jason is clearly wound up and picks a fight with a punter in the pub. Chesney and Kirk step in and restrain him as Gary demands to know what’s the matter.

With Johnny and Aidan out meeting a client, Carla offers a chuffed Eva her old job back. But when a despondent Johnny and Aidan return, having failed to strike a deal, Aidan’s furious to hear Carla’s been hiring behind his back.

As Tyrone and Fiz set off for Hope’s first chemo session, Chesney suggests Tyrone join the lads for a drink later. Back from the hospital, Fiz persuades Tyrone to join the others but unable to relax, Tyrone makes his excuses and heads home.

Kate’s bemused when a guilt-ridden Alya won’t discuss her wedding plans.