Alya Nazir’s business hits a hurdle in Corrie

Ayla Nazir is forced to deal with Sharif, Sinead and Johnny to get her new business off the ground in Corrie

Having overheard Sharif and Alya Nazir arguing over Alya’s new lingerie venture, Yasmeen wants to know what’s going on. Clearly on the back foot, Sharif makes out he’s lent Alya £20k, a story which Yasmeen accepts. However, Sharif is the least of Ayla’s worries when she has to deal with Sinead and Johnny….

As Ken struggles to speak after his stroke, the doctor assures Tracy that his recovery will take time. Meanwhile, Steve finds Peter lurking in the ginnel, where he admits that life in Portsmouth went a bit pear-shaped and he intends to stick around. But how will Michelle react when Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers?

David’s feeling anxious as the court awaits the verdict of Clayton’s murder trial.

Amy’s thrilled when Liz inadvertently lets slip that Michelle is pregnant. Caz tells Kirk she’s going to Nottingham and will be back to pick up her stuff.