Alya drowns her sorrows

In a rage, Zeedan threatens to push Jason off the balcony, but Alya rushes over and assures Zeedan that she instigated sex with Jason. Zeedan turns his anger on Ayla while Sharif can’t bear to look at his granddaughter. Later, Zeedan finds Alya in the bistro staring into an alcoholic cocktail and points out that getting drunk isn’t going to help.

Over cocktails, Eva presses Kylie, wanting to know why she’s fallen out with David and as they get progressively drunker, Kylie is finding it harder not to spill the beans.

In the bistro, Ken regales Nessa with stories of his teaching days and she’s clearly smitten. Cathy confides in Audrey how she’s worried about Nessa getting her claws into Ken as she has a terrible track record with men.

Brendan joins Mary in the pub where he has her enthralled with tales of the supernatural. When Brendan’s phone beeps, he says it’s a message from his mother and he has to go.

Steve’s furious to find Tony mending the plumbing in the ladies’ loos and throws him out.