Alya Nazir makes it clear she’s sick of living under the same roof as Kate so Kate suggests she should move back into number 6 and let Rana move into the flat. Alya is furious and heads off to work, where Summer has spotted a miscalculation in Alya’s figures that could have cost Aidan thousands of pounds, leaving her humiliated.

Gary calls to see David at the salon and tells him that he thinks he is heading for a breakdown and that it is probably a delayed reaction to Kylie’s death. Relieved that he hasn’t figured out the truth, David goes along with it to appease him. Shona tells Maria that things seemed to go downhill after he fell out with Josh so Maria decides to try and talk to him. How will he get out of this one?

Rana’s dad has cancelled the cheque for the business investment meaning Zedan has no money to buy furniture for Speed Daal.

Abi winds up Tyrone by diagnosing a car problem he hadn’t spotted. Liz is annoyed when Johnny comes in the medical centre and Moira accuses her of fancying him.

First episode of the evening. Second episode of Corrie tonight is shown at 8.30pm.