Alya rethinks her relationship with Gary

Gary’s incredulous when Kal tells him he’s sacked from the building job at the gym, but Yasmeen worries that Kal’s attitude will push Yasmeen and Gary closer together. When she then finds Gary and Alya meeting in the cafe Yasmeen adopts a new approach, urging Alya to take things slowly, rather than rebel against Kal. Alya is surprised, but realises she may have a point.

When Callum persists in phoning her, Kylie angrily tells him she’s quit drugs. Later, David catches her heading for the bus and she admits she’s going to buy a new phone to cut contact with her dealer. Kylie’s desperate to convince David she’s clean, but she’s stunned when Callum turns up at the salon for an appointment.

Amy’s jealous when Carla gives Simon an expensive keyring for the school auction while she has to make do with Tracy’s homemade buns. Meanwhile, Carla’s unnerved when Tracy’s uncharacteristically friendly.

Also, when a glamorous woman in her fifties bowls into the Rovers, Liz recognises her friend Erica from Spain and agrees she can stay over Christmas; Luke helps out at the salon hoping for an invite to the staff Christmas meal; Sean prepares for Billy to meet the Grimshaws.