Alya sets a trap for Adam (VIDEO)

Ayla gets her revenge on Adam by hitting him where it hurts in Coronation Street

Handing Adam the keys to the factory and a fake password for Johnny’s computer, Alya assures him the place will be empty at lunchtime. But when Aidan and Johnny suddenly appear has Adam been rumbled?

As Nick and Leanne row, Toyah walks in and Leanne admits her baby is actually Steve McDonald’s. As Nick heads off, he’s spots Leanne chatting to Steve. Reaching a decision, Nick sets about his drastic measures and Toyah’s horrified to discover what he’s planning…

How will Michelle and Steve react when Fiz unwittingly suggests Michelle could always try for another baby?

Tracy’s 40th birthday is a disaster. Meanwhile, Roy suggests Brian starts looking for somewhere to live.


Watch this clip from the episode.