Amanda decides to leave the Bay

Amanda tells Dan and Belle that she’s decided to head back to the city, after realising the only solution to her troubles is to move away. Dan grudgingly accepts, but an angry Belle blames Peter for her decision. Amanda defends Peter, but Belle lays into him in the Diner.

Later, a concerned Irene has a word with Amanda about how hard Belle is taking her decision to leave. Taking Irene’s advice on board, Amanda convinces Belle that she’s not running away from her, she’s just leaving to get herself together.

Kit and Matilda are shocked when a letter arrives with a large cheque containing Beth’s life insurance payout. However, Tony refuses their offer of $50,000 of the cash, finding the whole matter stressful and distasteful. Later, Tony accepts Naomi’s offer of a shoulder to cry on and the pair share a couple of drinks, with Naomi comforting him by lying down beside him and holding him tight.

Still finding it hard to deal with his feelings for Naomi, Lucas plays up in her classes, but Ric advises Lucas to back off or risk alienating Naomi completely. Lucas then decides to visit Naomi and apologise, and despite getting a cool reception, he’s inspired to buy her a special gift.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday August 10*

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