The police question a shaken Amanda and Peter following the robbery, and Peter is frustrated that he can’t give a description of the intruders. Later, Amanda clocks Peter dropping his bottle of pills and confronts him. Peter confesses he’s addicted and Amanda promises she’ll keep his secret…

Fitzgerald and Ash arrive at the hospital having found a chain necklace on Amanda’s floor. Brad is passing when he sees the chain and tells them it belongs to Johnny. The policemen arrive at Sally’s to question Rocco about the chain but a nervous Rocco denies it belongs to Johnny, leaving Brad and Sally frustrated and the police feeling helpless.

Later, Brad gets a shock when he arrives at his apartment to find Johnny sitting on his sofa. Angry that Brad has grassed him up to the cops, Johnny tells a rattled Brad to watch his back.

Elsewhere, as she fusses over Jack at the hospital, Martha immediately becomes awkward when he mentions Ash, although she denies anything is going on between them. But Jack is saddened when he sees she’s no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Later at the hospital, Ash admits to Jack that he likes Martha, while Jack bravely admits to Ash that his marriage is over and he’s pleased Martha is moving on. Ash and Martha agree to see each other again.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday February 23*