While Drew and Peter bond, Amanda is drowning her sorrows with a couple of bottles of wine, only to be interrupted by Macca arriving home. Increasingly drunk, Amanda breaks down into sobs about the state of her life, asks Macca if he hates her like everyone else, and tries to kiss him. She sobers up when Macca pulls away and berates herself for her behaviour.

The following day, Amanda gets a text from Drew saying he wants to talk and decides to go over and see him despite Macca’s warnings. Amanda and Drew are moving in for a kiss when they’re interrupted by Peter. He demands Drew stay away from Amanda, detailing his own nasty past experiences with her, and ignoring Drew’s protests that he loves her. Furiously, he also confronts Amanda, insisting she leave his son alone. Later Macca is shocked and concerned when he learns of Amanda’s brazen behaviour.

Brad informs Sally that he wants to make an effort to help school dropout Rocco. Sally is pleased, although worries when she discovers Rocco is staying at a hostel, and persuades Ric and Alf to let Rocco stay at theirs for a while. But Rocco’s good luck ends suddenly when his good-for-nothing brother Johnny turns up.
* Screened on RTE, Tuesday 13th February *