Amanda loses control

Amanda’s unexpected decision to leave Summer Bay prompts Kelli to accelerate her plans to drug Amanda and cause a car crash. And when suspicious Belle discovers a bottle of sedative in Kelli’s bag, she suggests to Peter that Amanda’s recent reckless behaviour may have been a result of her being drugged by Kelli. However, Peter refuses to give credence to Belle’s claims.

Back at Amanda’s house, Kelli secretly pours a sedative into her juice. However, before Amanda can drink it, Belle arrives, and is shocked to hear her mum is leaving town. Later, Kelli is horrified to spot that Belle has drank Amanda’s drugged juice by mistake. Belle collapses and is rushed to hospital where blood tests confirm traces of the same sedative found in Kelli’s bag. Peter agrees to question Kelli.

Elsewhere, Ethan arrives at Amanda’s house having discovered Kelli’s plans to double-cross him. A heated argument ensues, but is overheard by Amanda in the next room, who is horrified to hear her sister has been plotting to ruin her life. Shocked, Amanda races to her car, with Kelli in hot pursuit. Amanda is speeding along, but panics when she realises Kelli is behind her. She loses control of her car, causing a spectacular smash.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday July 27*

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