Kelli and Ethan put the finishing touches to their revenge plan for the oblivious Amanda who’s happily getting ready for her wedding. In the gardens, the guests cheer as a radiant Amanda and Peter exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

But as the applause subsides, Ethan continues a slow handclap, and tells everyone to look under their chairs. Peter and the congregation are horrified to discover a photo of Amanda and Ethan in bed together. Amanda tells Peter it’s not as bad as it looks but Peter storms off without a word, leaving Amanda devastated.

As Martha stands frozen, stunned that she’s been discovered dancing by the guys, Ric and Jack freak out and try to jump on stage. Mortified Martha flees to the dressing room in tears as the boys create a scene – prompting the bouncers to chuck them out.

Cam takes Martha home but things get worse when Sally, Ric, Brad, Tony and Jack arrive on her door step. Distressed, Sally begs Martha to come home but she stubbornly refuses, and digs her heels in even further as her family start criticising Cam. They leave and defiant Martha tells a pleased Cam she’ll carry on dancing for him.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday June 18*

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