Amanda tricks Harry into thinking that if he can buy some alcohol for her then he will finally have his chance with Sarah. When Declan finds out about Harry’s plan, he lets him know it’s a bad idea. But Amanda continues to push him, and when Lyn inadvertently encourages him to go for it, Harry decides he can’t give up the chance. His attempts are foiled however, when Declan and Zeke catch him in the act and remind him what’s at stake if he were to get in trouble – his family. But reckless Harry decides the risk is worth it.

Dan’s comment about Ben not being his son still bothers Ben and so he flees to the Kennedy house again where he pitches a tent, declaring it an adult-free zone. Susan and Karl make clear their feelings towards Dan, and he finds himself sidelined by everyone. He finally makes peace with Ben, but there’s more tension ahead.

Toadie pursues Elle, urging her to tell Lucas the truth about her recently improved financial position. Unwilling to ruin the good thing they have, and knowing how much Lucas is enjoying being the provider, Elle tells Toadie to mind his own business. But she’s struggling with the guilt of her secret.

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