Amanda’s a complete outcast

Along with dealing with Beth’s tragic death, distraught Tony is also finding it difficult to cope with the gym’s proposed closure due to legal action against Amanda. Meanwhile, Kim is furious about losing his job at the gym, and blames Amanda. Later, Kim ends up taking out his anger on Rachel when she offers to support them until he finds a new job. Kim apologises, but it doesn’t defuse the growing tension between the couple.

Ever keen to stir up trouble for her sister, nasty Kelli convinces Amanda to attend Beth’s memorial service. However, Amanda receives a cold reception from the crowd, and feels a complete outcast.

Meanwhile, Tony can’t bring himself to attend the service and say a final goodbye to Beth. It’s left to a concerned Irene to convince him to go to the memorial and give himself time to grieve. Buoyed by her support, a sobered Tony finally makes an appearance at the heart-wrenching service.

Later, Belle is shocked to find she has accidentally photographed Kelli and Ethan conspiring together on the beach. Has she finally discovered the truth?

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday July 25*

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