Amanda’s back in the Bay!

Colleen heads to the Diner to spread the news that Amanda is back in town, only to discover Jazz has returned too. Meanwhile, bonded in their grief, Amanda and Leah have a heart to heart about losing Dan.

Down at the beach, Drew and Belle spot Jazz and are immediate suspicious as to why she’s back. Jazz says she has returned to pay her condolences to Dan but Drew is convinced she must have an ulterior motive. Jazz heads over to see Leah, only to come face to face with Amanda. Given their history, the two women are immediately tense, and share a heated exchange, which ends with them slapping each other across the face.

While Tony is getting ready to take a late night dinner over to Rachel at work, there’s a knock at the door and Tony is shocked to discover a sultry Jazz on the doorstep, with her suitcases beside her.

And after returning to the Bay, Cassie nervously prepares to tell Sally everything and reveals she’s HIV positive. Despite her shock, Sally insists she will support Cassie every step of the way.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 7*

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