Amanda’s house is raided

Amanda is petrified as Johnny, Rocco and the rest of the masked gang burst into her house. While the gang search her place for valuables, Amanda spots her phone and secretly texts Drew. Elsewhere, Peter is furious to find Amanda’s text on Drew’s phone and storms over to her place to give her a piece of his mind. As the gang prepare to leave, they’re interrupted by Peter who barges through the door.

Panicking, Johnny shoves Peter and Amanda into the pantry and locks the door before making his getaway. Unfortunately, Peter hasn’t had his pills and becomes increasingly agitated, ripping into Amanda.

After a night in the pantry together, Amanda and Peter are relieved when Dan and Drew turn up the next morning, although Drew is a bit bemused when he learns what happened. Elsewhere, Johnny is thrilled at the successful robbery, but doesn’t let up on poor Rocco, insisting he find a way to move in with Sally.

Elsewhere, Brad tells Sally he thinks Rocco might be back to his old tricks with Johnny’s gang. Later, guilty Sally refuses Rocco’s request to move in, but when Rocco tells Johnny the news, his brother says they need to come up with another plan to make Sally feel sorry for Rocco.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday February 22*