Amanda’s life is about to get worse…

Since losing custody of Ryan, Amanda is wallowing in self pity, and things get worse when Alf reveals that customers have been complaining about the gym being closed for several days. Scheming Kelli volunteers to oversee things, seemingly to save Amanda’s skin, and heads to the gym, where she tries to look as if she knows what she’s doing, instructing gym-goer Jon how to use the equipment.

However, Jon falls over and damages his back on one of the machines. As an ambulance arrives, Jon tells Amanda he intends to sue – Kelli wasn’t qualified. Later, an elated Kelli meets Ethan and they are getting passionate when they’re interrupted by Amanda unlocking the door…

Drew is cleaning the Surf Club as punishment for telling Alf he stole the whisky when Jules turns up to thank him for saving his skin. However, Belle isn’t in such a forgiving mood and rips into Jules for letting Drew take the blame.

Later, Cassie worries when she spots Jules bonding with Lily on the beach and warns her friend to stay away from him – he spells trouble. She protests, but finally agrees. However, later, when Jules pops in, he pleads with Lily not to turn her back on him. Lily agrees, but feels guilty about going behind Cassie’s back.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday July 18*