Amber, Josh and Matilda settle into an easy rhythm, with Josh commenting to Karl that he thinks things will be okay after all. But, later, stress takes its toll on Amber and she almost breaks down. Stepping in, Josh sends her to bed to get some rest.

Kyle and Amy barely have time to register the night before when Sheila arrives home. Kyle and Amy admit they want to take a stab at a real relationship, but there’s just the small matter of Shay. Rushing out, Kyle decides to make a clean break via text. He returns to Amy and the pair kiss… completely oblivious to the text Kyle receives from Shay in reply… And she’s not happy.

Daniel pressures Imogen to drop her studies and come out with him. However, he quickly shifts focus back to his work as a new opportunity seems to present itself with each person they meet. As Daniel’s confidence grows, and with it a new attitude to money, Imogen wonders who this new version of Daniel really is.