Amber asks Joshua out

Amber’s crush on Joshua sees her showing up at his training. She’s been careful to be discreet, but she accidentally lets slip to Joshua that she’s been watching him. Still, she asks him out, and when he declines because he’s got a meeting with Susan, she assumes he’s blowing her off – but he’s not.

Having slept at the Men’s Shed, Kyle turns up safe and sound, but Georgia lashes out at him. Later, Georgia goes to Kyle in a conciliatory mood but Kyle admits he’s sick of being mothered. Hurt, Georgia goes in search of Kate and runs into Mason, who finds himself on the receiving end of a tirade about Kate.

Kate’s gutted that Mason is moving on with Imogen. She finds Kyle drowning his sorrows and joins him. As the night wears on, Kate shares her heartbreak over Mason and, in turn, accuses Kyle of being an idiot for throwing away his relationship with Georgia. The exchange leads inexplicably to a kiss and before they know it Kate and Kyle are sharing a night of passion.

Brad’s uneasy when he learns Joshua has gone to swimming training without him. Joshua plays it down saying he just thought he’d take on some of Don’s suggestions, but Brad makes Joshua promise to stick to his training regime.