Amber embarrasses Josh

The parking ticket machine has been installed and business starts to drop off in both Harold’s and Charlie’s so Lauren shouts out Brad. Sheila witnesses this and manages to draw out the source of Lauren’s tiredness: her dreams about Brad. Sheila reassures Lauren they mean nothing. Sheila comes up with the idea of parking meter maids and coerces Amber into taking the job, unbeknown to Lauren and to the horror of Josh.

Kate is shocked to hear that Kyle’s contemplating proposing to Georgia. Burying her true feelings, she encourages Kyle to go for it. But he begins to question whether proposing is the right thing to do. Concerned that Georgia’s past with Scotty is influencing her state of mind, Kyle sounds out Gem and she’s quick to steer him awry, pointing out Georgia’s excitement about completing her emergency course and working overseas.

Unbeknown to Kyle, Georgia is actually contemplating not doing the course, torn as to what she really wants to do. When Kyle mentions that he would do anything for Georgia, she proposes to him.

Gem informs Bailey about a spot on the China trip that Paul Robinson will pay for as part of his educational scholarship. Gem encourages him to apply and Bailey is further smitten.