Amber falls under Rain’s spell

Amber tells Daniel she wants them both to live at New Eden and Lauren shares her concerns about Rain with Paul, who suggests objecting to council about the community. When Rain discovers Lauren has lodged an objection, she further manipulates Amber. Amber then announces she is not going to uni, but has decided to join the community instead.

Sonya tells Toadie that the woman terrorising her is Erin, an old school friend. When Erin alludes to a party Sonya took her to when they were teenagers, she begins to understand Erin’s motives. After Erin is arrested, Sonya fills Toadie in on the part she played in Erin’s tragic past.

Brad supports Terese as she gives a statement to Matt about how she repelled Ezra. Later, Paul tries to apologise but is stung when Brad and Terese turn him away. Paul feels wrongly maligned, having intended only to help Terese and cryptically explains to Daniel about his good intentions being misinterpreted.