Joshua and Daniel disagree on the merits of risky in-utero surgery. Daniel thinks it is too risky, and is surprised when Amber agrees with Joshua instead of him. Feeling sidelined, he admits such feelings to Amber, who tells him Joshua is the baby’s father.

Alistair thinks Susan told his fiancée that he kissed Nate and threatens to make a formal complaint. Nate intervenes and Alistair tells him he won’t proceed with the complaint if Nate tells Coco he made the whole story up. However, Susan says she’s prepared to lose her job if it means Coco finishes her dishonest relationship so Nate tells Alistair the deal is off.

Aaron warns Brennan to consider Tyler’s feelings when he sees him flirting with Paige. So when he ends up kissing Paige later, Brennan has to reluctantly break it off and tell her it’s too soon – they will get back together… but not yet.

Paige finally manages to counter-blackmail Jayden, contriving to film him in the most compromising of situations.