Amber is scared of losing Josh

Amber is reeling after discovering Josh will be away at a training camp in Spain for three months. She decides to sell her clothes and jewellery and buy a flight ticket to Spain. Josh is insulted when he finds out she’s worried he might hook up with other girls while he’s away. After a fear-fuelled argument, Josh and Amber realise they’re both scared about the future, but determined to make things work. Their relationship is stronger than ever and they consolidate their renewed love with some alone time.

Sonya’s finding it hard to be there for Jacob, especially since he’s been asked to go through Hannah’s personal items to find evidence that will help win the custody battle. Sonya asks Georgia to keep an eye on Jacob. But when Jacob appears at the Australia Day barbeque and thanks Sonya for asking Georgia to keep an eye on him, it’s too much for Sonya. She comes clean about Jacob kissing her and Toadie is gutted.

While organising Josh’s victory party, Terese discovers that food is missing, and Brad and Terese are worried that Imogen is bingeing again. Imogen denies that she’s bingeing and Terese believes her. When Imogen tries to sneak away to visit Isaac, Terese insists she stay at the party for some mother/daughter bonding.