Amber jeopardises her friendship with Chris

Amber feels guilty when she sees Chris’s disappointment over missing his chance with Seamus and confesses to being the one who sabotaged his date. Chris rages at Amber and she returns home and runs into Lou, who has been talking with Sheila. Lou is concerned that Amber has feelings for Chris but Amber insists that Chris is just her friend.

Georgia continues to keep Kyle in the dark about applying for the post-grad course.  Secretly attending the interview, Georgia brushes off Kate’s concerns, rationalising that she’s just enjoying every moment together while it lasts.

However when Kyle comes around for dinner and the hospital calls, he learns about Georgia’s acceptance into the program. Unsure why she’d lie to him, Kyle pushes Georgia for an answer but letting her insecurities get the better of her, Georgia calls their relationship off.

Bailey does his best to reassure Callum that despite being the lead in Rani’s play, he’s got nothing to worry about. Callum is relieved but when Bailey and Rani get close during rehearsals he loses his temper. Bailey tries to remain professional but matters are complicated when he realises Rani might feel the same about him. Determined not to betray his best mate, Bailey puts aside his feelings for Rani.