Amber kisses another guy!

When Amber and Imogen hear there’s a party on at the lake, Imogen jumps at the chance to let their hair down. When a bored Josh indicates he might be interested in picking things up with Amber now he has some free time on his hands, Imogen gives him short shrift. When she passes on the information to Amber, however, it’s clear she’s far from pleased with her friend “protecting” her. To get her own back, Amber decides to kiss someone else – but Josh sees.

Kyle sees Walter leaving town, but fails to make him stay. While Sheila pretends she’s OK about it, Sonya is upset, especially when she learns via Callum that Walter may have stolen money from the nursery. Sonya and Toadie are still reeling when Walter arrives on their doorstep. Sheepish but determined, he reveals his real name is Dave, and he met the real Walter Mitchell at a halfway house. Sonya is rocked by the revelation, and takes the news very badly.

Lucas and Vanessa allow Paul to take them on a guided tour of Lassiters under the guise of maybe being interested in having their wedding there. Vanessa has no interest in being a Lassiters bride but the display for the Lassiters Eclipse Apartments catches Lucas’s interest. He presents Vanessa with a revolutionary idea – what if they sold their house in Ramsay Street and move into an apartment?