Amber reveals to Taylor that she saw her mum and Tony kiss. As Taylor pleads with Amber to let Gabby find happiness with Tony, it’s clear that she feels far too betrayed and confides her woes to Sinead. Amber speculates that Gabby and Tony’s affair has been going on long before the accident and Sinead encourages her to tell her dad.

Amber’s riled by the obvious affection between her mum and Tony, and makes a hasty exit, whipping out her phone to call Phil. As a confused Gabby reflects on Amber’s behaviour, Amber meets Phil and spills the beans. She lies that something was going on when Gabby was in hospital and Phil’s left reeling from the revelation.

Carmel reports news of last night’s drug dealings at the SU and Brendan feigns shock. Ste’s determined to find the envelope of money, but Brendan catches him in the act. Meanwhile, Brendan invites Carmel to accompany him on a business trip to Barcelona, and she excitedly accepts.

Also; Cheryl announces she’s coming on the date with Rhys and Jacqui. She sits them down and pleads with them to acknowledge their compatibility. When she’s distracted, they hastily escape and bond as they fall about laughing together.

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