Amber plays away with Daniel

When Amber gets a text from Daniel she decides to hang out with him rather than going along to support her boyfriend and best friend in their driving tests. The feelings between the pair grow and they both admit they can’t stop thinking about each other. Their closeness is witnessed by Sheila, who later warns Josh not to take his girlfriend for granted. Amber, meanwhile, tells Daniel she’s going to break up with Josh, so she can be with him…

Knowing that his mother’s enjoyed teaching at the high school, Ben decides to tell Libby he loves being in Erinsborough, so Libby tells her parents she’s here to stay, for her son’s sake. However, Karl encourages Ben to be honest with Libby, and Ben admits to her that he lied. Libby’s shocked and makes the decision to leave Erinsborough, and to take Ben on to Oakey, the former home of Ben’s late father, Drew.

Under pressure to come up with the cash to pay her fake stalker, Naomi notices Georgia’s engagement ring and questions Sheila – how come Kyle got the ring, and not Naomi? Sheila admits the ring came into her possession while she and Naomi were not talking. Naomi’s not impressed, and the need to find some quick cash mounts.