Amber questions Lauren’s honesty

Joshua, Imogen, Brad and Terese sit down where Brad explains what happened. It’s painful for everyone and Brad quickly leaves to avoid inflaming things further. Meanwhile, Amber wonders if Lauren has acted on these long-held feelings, does that mean her mother never really loved her father? Despite Lauren’s assurances to the contrary, Amber isn’t quite convinced.

Sonya is both nervous and excited to have Toadie home, while Amy and Mark promise to be by her side for everything the Rebecchis’ need. However, they hit a hurdle when Nell’s too scared to give Toadie any affection. It’s a blow to his already fragile spirits until Amy hits on a brilliant idea – an idea that just might bring Toadie the win he craves.

Tyler and Ben work on the dirt bike, but find themselves with an unlikely third musketeer – Russell. Wary at first, Tyler is surprised when his father teams up with him to play a practical joke on Ben. But when the shoe is on the other foot and Ben gets revenge, Russell explodes with rage and the ghosts of Tyler’s past rush back.