Amber spies Paige and Daniel kissing

Amber and Daniel have been keeping their distance, but a chance encounter at the store leaves them both feeling awkward – something which Paige picks up on. She again notes the longing looks shared between them at the party and, feeling protective of Josh and to a lesser extent Amber, she makes her move on a clueless Daniel.

Sonya encourages Brennan to host a housewarming party, but Paige is alarmed when Ethan encourages the idea. Later, after Ethan and Imogen share an unexpected encounter, Ethan gushes that he’s in love, and he’s sticking around more long term. Paige feels deeply uneasy about this, but it seems Ethan’s mind is made up.

Georgia’s a wreck following Kyle’s decision not to set a wedding date, but it’s after some wise words from Chris Kyle finally forgives Georgia’s well-meaning mistake. The couple announce to everyone at Brennan’s housewarming party that they’ve set a date for the wedding, much to everyone’s delight.

Having dealt with Lee’s blackmail, Naomi returns her focus to Toadie. The pair enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, and sensing tension between Sonya and Toadie, Naomi plants an idea in Toadie’s head, to give Sonya a few days away at a retreat.