Plagued with her conflicting feelings about Robbo and the accident, Amber visits him in hospital. Breaking down, she remembers confronting him the night of the accident. Joshua catches her holding Robbo’s hand and storms out. Learning from Chris that Joshua is aware of the video Robbo has of her, Amber realises Joshua still has feelings for her. But she mournfully claims it’s too late – she’s already ruined everything.

After missing his swimming trial, Joshua tries to make it up to Brad at training, but his pain cripples him and his bruise is discovered. Hudson takes the blame for the bruise and the pair make a show of apologising to each other until Brad is satisfied. Alone with Hudson, Joshua reveals Robbo caused the bruise. Hudson agrees to stay quiet, but is he shielding a new friend or an attempted murderer?

Paul puts the pressure on Lucas to come up with the balance on the apartment, reiterating his measly offer for Lucas’s house. Lucas takes his anger out on Chris, and is almost discovered by Kyle breaking into Robbo’s hideout.

Running out of options, he tries to convince Vanessa that they should leave Erinsborough but she dismisses the notion. Having heard about the illegal card games from Amber, Kyle puts two and two together and confronts Lucas.