Imogen offers Amber her ticket to Josh’s sporting awards night but Amber’s thrown to discover she’s been cropped out of the photo in Ruby’s article on Josh, and realises Ruby’s coming to the awards too. After the awards ceremony – where Josh wins the ‘Emerging Sporting Talent’ trophy – Amber is proud but wants some alone time with him. He agrees, but gets distracted when Ruby reveals Josh is receiving offers for appearances and interviews.

Reeling from his talk with Georgia, Chris tells Kyle needs to make a choice. Chris persuades Kyle to go on a boys’ night with him but Sheila suggests he is burying his head in the sand.

After Kate accidentally sets off the fire alarm in Paul’s penthouse, Kyle and Chris learn she can’t stay there tonight so Kyle insists Kate spend the night at the share house. Later, once they’re alone, Kyle admits to Kate that he’s confused about his feelings for her.

Terese is still perturbed by the realisation that Paul pulled out of the Lassiters deal to prevent her getting a job. She confronts Paul but he denies it had anything to do with her. She later confides in Sheila, wondering what goes on in Paul’s head. Sheila jokingly suggests it’s a place best left untouched.