Amber asks Finn to steal from Drive ‘n’ Buy, but he refuses and she’s forced to do it herself. She’s caught red-handed by Frankie, but seeing what she’s stolen, Frankie lets her run off. Later, when Amber opens the door to Finn and sneaks him inside, we finally see that the item she stole is a pregnancy test revealing a positive result.

Unaware of the fire that rages beneath them, Finn assures Amber that they’ll stick together. He goes to open the door, but there’s a huge blast and they’re thrown across the room. They come round, move towards the window and see Amber’s frantic mum below. Amber loses her balance and falls, sliding towards the edge of the roof, screaming for her life.

Gabby catches up with Sinead to confirm that she’ll be working at Il Gnosh tonight and takes the time to ask how Amber’s getting on at school. Tony’s devastated when he hears how business is booming over at The Dog. He admits defeat and joins Gabby for a drink at the pub.

Also; Gabby and Tony walk back home and seeing Il Gnosh ablaze, Gabby’s terrified for her daughter. As Tony struggles to help Amber and Finn, Gabby can only look on.

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