Emma opens the front door and is stunned to find Howard’s daughter Amelia standing there. She insists she’s not here to claim her inheritance – she just wants to spend some time in her father’s house. 

Sid is championing the Antibiotic Awareness campaign and Al offers up some trademark cynicism. Ayesha sees and remonstrates with Al, who defends Sid’s efforts, especially if it means fewer patients wasting his time. 

Dr Hammah listens patiently as Valerie describes her symptoms. Dr Hammah examines Valerie’s glands and decides to run some blood tests. She also refers Valerie to a haematologist for a scan and a biopsy – much to Valerie’s horror.

Sid is just about to take a break when Karen calls him into the staff room. He is amazed to see that everyone is helping with the Awareness campaign; even Al. Ayesha then spots Valerie, and quietly asks how the appointment went, but Valerie tells her all is fine.