Lucy Worsley shows how the American Civil War promoted freedom and equality but also hatred and division in BBC4’s, American History’s Biggest fibs

This fascinating series continues with enthusiastic historian Lucy Worsley tackling one of the most controversial epochs in American history – the 1861 Civil War and its aftermath.

Was it really a heroic battle to free the slaves of the southern states, or was there actually something more going on?

History has painted President Abraham Lincoln as ‘The Great Emancipator’, as he led the 19 northern states to victory against the 11 pro-slavery southern confederate states.

American History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley

Presenter Lucy Worsley at the White House

But despite the victory, the freedom granted to the former slaves was so limited and flawed that the issue of race relations has remained a divisive issue, from the 1964 Civil Rights Movement right up to the present day.

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