The old cast is back one year on and still desperate for sex in this second slice of gross-out fun. How much you laugh will depend on whether you liked the first film, for the gags are pretty similar, although the superglue incident is a relative masterpiece. In the middle is a sweet story, but mostly, it’s just the raging teenage hormones of Jim (Jason Biggs) and his pals.

You can tell which of the youthful actors from the first American Pie have gone on to better things and which haven’t by the amount of screen time they get in this identikit sequel. Whilst all of the cast is reunited for the follow-up, which charts more sexual shenanigans when the teens take over a beach house for the summer, it is notable that Mena Suvari, Chris Klein and Tara Reid make little more than token, contract-fulfilling appearances.

As with the first film, the funniest scenes involve Eugene Levy as Biggs’ stumblingly open-minded father.