A rock band, fronted by Andy Biersack, rockets to stardom in this exuberant movie.

Co-written and directed by Ash Avildsen (son of Rocky director John G Avildsen), this spirited heavy metal movie charts the dizzying rise of The Relentless, with just a little help from Malcolm McDowell’s devilish tempter.

As Biersack’s high-cheekboned frontman Johnny Faust and his band mates rise to dizzying heights, Avildsen turns the dial up to 11, depicting scenes of decadence and debauchery that would make even the most hard-partying rock stars blush.

He throws music biz satire and heavy metal bombast into the mix, as well, while shaping a cautionary tale about the cost of stardom that retains its playful spirit even when things turn dark.