Syed tells Christian about Masood’s comments and they worry about how much he’s seen. Christian tries to subtly find out whether Masood realises Christian and Syed were kissing, but Masood is evasive. Masood visits the Imam and tells him that he saw Syed with a man. The Imam reminds Masood that there will be serious consequences if Syed’s antics become public.

Jack he saw Ronnie kissing Dr Steele. Jack is furious and punches a surprised Dr Steele. Ronnie walks in to find them arguing. Jack tells Ronnie to leave. Ronnie walks out, but later returns and tells Jack that she loves him. Jack pushes Ronnie away. Max is confused and Jack confesses that Ronnie won’t want to be with him the way he is now.

Also, Phil and Shirley warn bully Natasha’s dad to keep her away from Ben.

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