Syed and Amira stare at the ‘Syed loves Christian’ graffiti. Amira calls Christian to come round and he defiantly reveals his affair with Syed. Amira becomes hysterical and Christian reminds her to think of the baby. Syed reveals that Amira isn’t pregnant. Syed tells Amira that he loves her, but he’s gay and his parents know.

Amira flees the flat and bumps into Masood, who tries to reassure her. Syed agrees to go back to the Masoods’ and call off the party. Christian follows and a furious Amira blurts out the news to the whole party. Syed confirms the affair but rejects a devastated Christian. Amira packs her bags and asks Chelsea to keep her ‘secret’. A pregnant Amira is driven away from the Square…

Ben is happy when Abi and Jordan come over to see him. Ben upsets Louise by excluding her. Ben is gutted when Abi and Jordan reveal they only came round because Zsa Zsa forced them to. Abi and Jordan leave and Zsa Zsa makes Leon come and play a computer game with Ben. Later, Ben is furious when Louise confesses she’s read his diary.

Also, Chelsea admits to Denise and Libby she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby and he news gets out.

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