Amira has received a cheque for £5,000 from her father Qadim, but she manages to keep the gift a secret from a nosy Zainab. The Masoods gather for a family portrait in the Square, but the photos are ruined when Amira suddenly announces that she wants to move out of the family home with Syed and get a flat of their own and Zainab looks round in horror.

Carol and Max are at loggerheads about Billie’s decision to apply for the army. Carol insists that it’s too dangerous, but Max thinks it might be the best thing for his nephew. Carol is at breaking point when Peggy throws a party at the Vic to show the locals’ support for Billie’s plan. Billie confesses to Carol that the only reason he wants to join the army is to get away from her.

Zsa Zsa discovers a mystery parcel on the doorstep that contains a posh Easter egg from an unknown admirer. Zsa Zsa assumes that the present is from Leon and flirtily mentions it to him. Leon looks baffled and an embarrassed Zsa Zsa runs off. Leon tries to make things up to her by buying her an expensive bouquet of flowers, but Zsa Zsa is not impressed.

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