Amira wants custody of Yasmin

Syed takes Amira’s advice when she urges him to speak to Christian before making a decision about whether to let her take Yasmin. Syed tells Christian he wants them to be a family, but an emotional Christian insists it would never work as he knows he’s not enough for Syed. Later, Syed sadly tells a grateful Amira that she can take Yasmin. Syed texts Christian and asks him to dinner so they can talk.

Billy is feeling sidelined by Phil. When Phil tries to give Lola money to pay for a present for Lexi, Billy insists Phil put away his cash as they can manage without it. After Lola invites Sharon to the parenting class instead of him, Billy feels even more pushed aside. It’s the final straw when he discovers Lola, Phil and Sharon having a family lunch without him.

Kim is struggling to run the Bed & Breakfast with no working fridge and a broken cooker. Things go from bad to worse when Ray points out she has a mouse infestation. When a guest complains to environmental health after discovering mouse droppings in their breakfast, Kim tries to blag her way out of it, but the inspector closes her kitchen.