Syed talks to Lucy about Christian and tries to explain the situation between them. Lucy is angry with Syed for hurting her uncle. Jane interrupts and tells Lucy that she knows the situation isn’t ideal, but they need to maintain a working relationship with the Masoods.

Amira confesses to Syed that her father is due out of prison and she’s in a panic because he didn’t give his blessing for the wedding. Amira worries that Qadim will try to get his money back. Meanwhile, the Masoods’ house is full of hustle and bustle as Bushra and her daughters and cousin Afia arrive for the pre-wedding Mehndi ceremony. The drummers set out for the clubhouse followed by the wedding guests and the Square residents.

Tamwar takes a beautiful Amira’s arm and leads her in to the ceremony. Jane joins in the ceremony and Amira asks after Christian. Masood introduces the dancers and the crowd roar in appreciation. Syed joins the dancers and Amira cheers. Tamwar tries to impress wedding guest Zulekha and she laughs at him but writes her mobile number on his hand. Suddenly the music cuts out. Qadim has appeared…

Also, Libby makes a shocking discovery; Ricky invites Todd to his engagement party.

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