Amy abandons her baby

Josh wakes up with the hangover from hell but Suzanne encourages him to face his fear and visit Amy and the baby in hospital. When he arrives he discovers that Amy has run off in the middle of the night and abandoned baby Lucas! Amy is discovered safe with Mike’s mum in Manchester but she refuses to return home. Ste goes to see Lucas at Mike’s but Mike has to throw out Ste and Josh when they start to argue. Ste’s happy when Mike agrees to let him visit his baby whenever he wants.

Theresa encourages Anita to face up to Lauren and her bullying. Anita heads to the Valentines’ but finds Newt is round there and she can’t compete with Lauren’s victim act. Anita is crushed when Newt tells her to stay away from both him and Lauren. Theresa tries to cheer up Anita with an illicit makeover at Evissa but ends up ruining her hair.

Nancy has an argument with Ash about her split with Ravi. Ash points out that Nancy and Ravi would still be together if Kris hadn’t upset the applecart and Nancy feels firmly put in her place.

Also, Zak lets a smitten Michaela believe he’s flying off to war with the TA!

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