Amy accuses her Dad of trying to replace Sarah

Amy is frustrated as Lydia claims Sarah’s old clothes, and accuses her Dad of trying to replace Sarah. Amy offers Mike an ultimatum. If Lydia stays then she will leave. An angry Mike tells Amy some home truths. Later, Amy and Lydia work through Sarah’s things together. Mike watches on feeling as though things are beginning to be resolved.

Neville sacks Darren from The Dog after the incident with Tom. As Darren comes under fire from Cindy, Tony and Steph, he feels helpless. He explains to Cindy why he wasn’t watching Tom, letting her in on the secret of Hannah’s drinking. Meanwhile, Hannah tries to help and tells her dad that Darren was distracted because she was ill. Neville softens slightly and asks Darren to confirm Hannah’s story.

Darren tells Neville that he had given Hannah his word not to tell. Neville thinks for a while before offering Darren a job as a glass collector. Returning to the flat Hannah asks Darren to explain why gambling is so appealing. As Darren gets excited reminiscing about his betting days, Hannah falls asleep. Leaving Darren tempted by online gambling.

Also; Zac offers to be Elliot’s personal trainer when Elliot receives a text from Sheila and they agree to one last night of passion.

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